I miss u …

I miss u …

I miss u …

Dear Coen, 
Ever since we split it feels weird because me knowin its gonna go back to how it was before, as in we didn’t talk that much or call / ft each other a lot.

I been wanting to tell u this bit i was a bit shy to tell u but after u left the elementary school we both went to – i have been stuck on you ever since. what i mean by that is that i was always thinking about you. then this popped up in my mind. what if he transferred to the school you went to now.

After not going to the same school for 5 years you finally transferred to the same school as me. and when 1 of my friends told me there’s a new student at our school i thought of you and it was you. and when i found out it was you i had a huge smile on my face and i didn’t think we would be close friends.

1 last thing – i still like you but idk if you feel the same way about me and ik your not supposed to date – so yea.
Love ,


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