What I wish, but it’s over

What I wish, but it’s over

What I wish, but it’s over

Dear Hannah I wish you well I hope you have a good life. sorry I blocked you I have unwanted romantic feelings and I can’t deal with it right now and I feel I’m not right for you. I hope you get married with somebody better. we can’t be together i’m sorry about the things I said and the lies I told but I’m admitting to the wrong I have done shame in my mind keeps me awake a nights worrying the embarrassment and the guilt I put on my self affects the future me.

I feel super bad I kinda hate  you but I have problems I truly honestly hope you pursuit your dreams your apart of me in my past, future ,mind ,body it was fun talking to you I loved you but it was wrong I done horrible but on the bright I hope you become a model like you always wanted to but hey life sucks sometimes young love is hard. we might never been official but I did love you dream about you I done so wrong lying  to you  making up things just to impress.

I  also sometimes wonder if I was different would you love me more maybe but I am so sorry Hannah honestly  if your feeling insecure just to let you know your beautiful pure inside and out. I’m sorry I hope you have a dream of peace or just the thought of all the wonderful things people have done for you , good luck on school and the new people new school I hope you got in or something your a smart beautiful girl I’m so so sorry for lying now I may take my pain and guilt, tears away from myself. I may allow the happy thoughts and great stuff in my life I’m sad were apart but I will never forget about  you.

I never knew if you loved me I just thought I was giving flirty vibes and stuff but I don’t know my mom found a letter I wrote about you saying I wish Hannah loved my girl love isn’t it I thought I was but just turned out I’m a closeted lesbian  I don’t know but anyways that’s it for my sorry part. now it’s time to dig deep and I always thought you were pure i  think your damaged inside to be honest you  always try to lie to get your self out of thing  guess I just think if you don’t wanna talk to me then just say it and how you lied about being grounded it might be true but why are you grounded all the time it’s getting bored now are you parents that bad like come on and I’m not the only one in the wrong because I blocked you because of us not just me I love you but it feels so right but wrong anyways is that’s what I wanna say to you anyways I got it off my chest bye bye yall,


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