1437 my love

1437 my love

1437 my love

My pretty boy, 1437. not much i can do to even begin to save this relationship i have little to no hope. i love you always, i always wanna be there. its been two months now and i’ve still hardly gotten over you. i’m crying again lol rip i’m playing yellow while writing this. i still watch ur spotify and check my phone every 5 minutes for the littlest chance you’ve unblocked me and messaged me.

there is so much i just wanna tell you. i’m moving to australia next year, funny huh. i don’t think i’m gonna see you again after we move, it sucks i cant see u before i go or even tell you that i’m going. anyway.

i<3 u, my favourite, my forever. i’ll find you one day when the time’s right.


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