Goodbye, Dominic. 
Those are the last words I hope I’ll ever say to you. You hurt me in so many ways you promised you never would. I can’t believe I trusted you again even after all you did… I thought I could fix it. All the plane rides and money spent on hotels to go visit you seem like they weren’t worth it. I thought spending all my money on you would be worth it if I got to wake up next to you one last time and I hoped you would have changed by now. I really did.

You bragged about how you were working out and feeling better but it seems like you’re the same person that hurt me. Heartless. You might look fine on the outside but I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through on the inside. I wish you went back to therapy, that could’ve helped you a lot. Having to deal with your bipolar disorder was taking a huge toll on my mental health. You worried me sick with your thoughts, even though you rarely ever cared about mine.

I just know karma is a bitch. She’s going to get you sooner or later, I know. I would’ve done anything for you. You were my number one priority, but now that spot is taken by someone else. Me. I should’ve listened to all my friends. Guess that teaches me a lesson to not be so stubborn. Thanks for all the memories, they were incredible when I thought you loved me, but after the truth was unveiled, I don’t know what they were for.

Fuck you, 


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