You’re engaged

You’re engaged

You’re engaged

To my ex

Congratulations on your engagement with the love of your life. Hope she gives you everything I couldn’t. It’s hard to feel happy for you, not gonna lie. I just wonder why it couldn’t have been me. My feelings toward you were genuine. So why don’t I deserve the happy ending like her? I knew it was coming as you’ve now been together for 5 years. I was expecting it I swear. But still, when I found out, it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I know writing this is useless. I still think you’re my soulmate. Which sucks. So now my soulmate is engaged. With someone else. Yikes sucks to be me huh?

I genuinely feel we could have made it. I know we wanted different things. But I thought having each other was enough for the both of us. It was for me..

I know we fought endlessly. I know it’s probably for the best..but it still hurts. 

6 years later and I’m still grieving what we had, what we could still have and what we could have had in the future. I always thought we’d grow old together.

I tried opening up my heart again to someone else. I swear I did. To no avail. 

For me, you are the love of my life even though I am not yours

I love you. Always did. Always will 

Happy Engagement my love 

I wish you the best. I swear I do.


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