To my ex girlfriend. I forgive you

To my ex girlfriend. I forgive you

To my ex girlfriend. I forgive you

I don’t know if it’s all the times you secretly cheated on me. Or the first time you left me for another man. I still remember how heart broken I was. That pain still stings today. Or even the second time you left me for a second guy. Shame on me because you fooled me twice. There were the times you put me in jail. All three. For things that you did. Or when you called social services on me. And then ran off with my daughter. All and all. I could keep going on forever. All I know it’s that you did alot of shitty things to me. I never would of left you. I was so loyal I would of done anything to make it work. I actually really did love you. I felt like at one point our souls were one.

But you did what you did. Whether you used me. Lied to me about your true feelings. Or are just plain evil.

I want you to know that I forgive you. But I will never forget the things that you have done. I hope one day you to can forgive yourself.


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