You broke my heart again

You broke my heart again

You broke my heart again

You broke me 3 years ago… i’ve grown so much
i’ve been missing you, missing us. i’ve hurt people because i didn’t love them as much as i did with you. it’s not your fault but you i’ve never stopped loving you. i watch your new life online, you were with her. i was with him too so i mean how can i be mad. i was mad at myself for not letting myself move on from you and being incapable of loving myself because i lost a part of me when you left. then you broke up with her, we met with at our friends party. we talked all night about everything and nothing, we wouldn’t go to bed because we enjoyed our company. then i went upstairs to go to bed and u texted me. asking to come downstairs. you kept asking and i kept saying i really want to but i’m still with him for now, i’ll leave him when i go home but for now i can’t…

i’ve now been waiting for these texts for 3 years now. then you told me we can just cuddle. you still know how to get me after 3 years… i went downstairs thinking nothing would happen. we cuddled and you started to hug me more and more and we eventually got to do it. i kept saying i cant do this but you know i want to… and now you’re probably thinking i’m just a cheater but i would only do this because it’s you. it was you it was all i’ve been thinking about for 3 years, i missed you so much, and then time stopped.

i went back home to leave him and went back to not talking to you again. i broke it all for you again and for nothing. you broke my heart again, but it was 2 heartbreaks for me. you keep breaking me but not anymore. i’m leaving this behind and not coming back. but i’ve been writing 3 letters here so i guess i’ll see you next year


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