Luke, my little lady.

Luke, my little lady.

Luke, my little lady.

Dear Luke, 
my love. 
my little lady. 
we broke up about a month or two ago. i still miss you. so much has happened and changed in my life, and i can see so much has happened and changed for you. 
damn man. 
i miss you. 
i really thought we we’re soulmates right there. i really believed it. I miss you every now and then, and i’m over it. i’m over you, to be specific. your not the guy i dated. your not the Little Lady i cherished and loved. your just some guy named Luke A. that i dated, and that dumped me. i do however, miss our old selves. our old relationship, but only the beginning. because toward the 3 months it gets boring, and slow, and that’s what happened. and i was just deciding that it was okay and that I only wanted you and that we would figure it out, but you left. 
and that’s on me.
i knew you. you told me how you were. 
i knew it was coming. 
i just fought it. 
it still came. 
here’s the thing luke 
we really could have talked it out. we really could have found a solution. 
but i don’t think that’s what you wanted. you felt trapped so you left. 
No one is ever going to love you the way i did.
don’t forget that. 
it’s okay. Maybe in another life, yknow? 
i have a confession. 
you never dated me. 
well, you did, but not me me. 
you dated what i thought you wanted and towards the end i really don’t know what happened. i guess i got so lost in trying to be everything for everyone ESPECIALLY you, i just .. I don’t know. 
i’m still glad you left though. 
because even though it hurts, i know that i’m such a different person now. 
and every now and then i think that maybe we could try again, cause im different and maybe your different… 
but i think i should let go now. im destroying my future for someone who doesn’t even blink twice in my direction. 
thank you for being my first of a lot of things. 
but i think i need to let go now. 
and i know you’ve moved on, and i don’t think you’ll ever read this. 
but i loved you Luke, with my soul. 

             that one girl that loves cats, and bees :)<3


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