Don’t come back

Don’t come back

Don’t come back

Twenty years. That’s how long it’s been since we broke up. You’ve had 3 girlfriends and a wife during that time. In fact, you’re still married. I’m married. To the wonderful man that chose me. You didn’t. But somehow, through every girlfriend, and even your wife, you feel the need to talk to me. Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t ever tell me you still love me again. Nothing will ever change with you. You and I are nothing. Especially after our last talk. You missed out on a good wife. Forget you know my name.

Goodbye forever.

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  1. Dan 1 year ago

    Or, you could take the compliment graciously by acknowledging that you left such an impression of bonding upon this man that he has never been complete since your breakup. There are people who never move on from certain lovers; they are indelible upon the psyche, soul and spirit of the affected person. And let’s face it, your anger shows in your response, leading readers to wonder if you didn’t completely fuck this guy over for life and you still feel guilt and shame decades later …,….

    Just saying.

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