Go fly a kite

Go fly a kite

Go fly a kite

LTME-postI do miss you, I admit. But, I also know that we are totally not a good fit. While you are kind and funny, you can be selfish and look at things your own way only. Remember when I took the time to drive you in your car back to your place so that you avoid any risk of DUI. You remember that I could not get a cab. You walked home and never actually bothered to ask me if I got home ok. Not even a thank you.

What about all the times I bought you dinner. Expensive ones. Did you ever suggest that you would pay? Out of courtesy anyways. you are not very emphatic.

You also cut me off all the time. Hardly stop to listen and reflect on what I say before you answer (or pose another question) And the whole mambo jambo on spiritual candles and energy and little chains that moves.. really?

Plus, you are so insecure. You always stay with disastrous relationships. How do you pick them? By the overwhelming need to help someone? To validate your self by changing them?

I can do better. I deserve better. Best of luck, dear. But, you do not want to talk to me and I do not want to talk to you again.


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