I could’ve loved you

I could’ve loved you

I could’ve loved you


I could’ve loved you. But you didn’t let me.

You let me believe that I could, never letting on that those weren’t your intentions.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, I pray that with time you learn to love yourself the way I had begun to.

You are more than what people say about you, you are more than the rumors, and most of all, you are more than what you see in yourself. You are something so special, and I pray that one day you will come to recognize that rather than simply trying to hide it because it’s scary to be that vulnerable.

I am so grateful that you shared even a small part of that piece of you with me. Because all it took was that one piece to make me fall for you.

I could’ve loved you if you would’ve let me. I could have loved you in all the ways you were dying to be loved. You showed me your shattered pieces, and if you would’ve let me, I would’ve shown you that I had glue. I would’ve shown you that while you are broken, nothing is beyond repair. If you had let me, I could’ve shown you that you are worth it.

You were afraid, the water was rising and you were too afraid to learn to swim. So you decided it would be easier to let me go before it got too deep. I bet you didn’t realize that I was already underwater, and by letting me go, you were letting me drown.

But alas, you couldn’t let me love you because you were too afraid to love yourself. I pray that someday soon, someone loves you again, and I pray that when that time comes, that you can let her. Because you are loveable, and you could’ve been loved by me. And I pray that when you think of all the girls who broke you, that you remember me as the one who wouldn’t have.

It’s true, I could’ve loved you. But you would have had to let me.


  1. M 4 years ago

    Loved this. Hit me in the gut

  2. root 4 years ago

    if you’ve known,
       i loved you more than anything else in the world; that with you, i felt peace, joy and contentment. nothing and no one can surpass the love u made me feel..

    you open your heart and told me all your plans; -that i couldn’t complement, we’re happy spending time together, it started to hurt inside thinking someday it’d cause your regrets and disappointments.

    you were right, i got scared the moment i realized my feelings runs deeper to the point of no return. so i pushed you away.

    if you’ve known,
    i did what i did, to put your own happiness before mine.
     i admit im naive and lacking sophistication but i have loved you in ways i knew how. All i can offer is your freedom to fulfill the desires of your heart.

    i missed us terribly.. But seeing you living a happy life now is my only solace.
    If one day, you’d go back in time, and think about us, please know that i didn’t betray your feelings.. I merely chose you to be happy even if it breaks me..

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