One of my greatest blessings

One of my greatest blessings

One of my greatest blessings


Dear Liz, hows Nate? I miss him from time to time, reminiscing feeling like a father to your son. I hope hes doing better than before. As far as you… I don’t wish bad upon you but it wouldn’t concern me if you were in some fucked up shit. I loved you more than i love myself… and thats where i fucked up. I won’t judge you for the shit you did, or tell you what you should’ve/shouldn’t did, because its a waste of energy. I see my time spent with you as a wake up call to how cruel love can be if its with the wrong person. I learned so much from what we went through, and im not sorry or regretful for anything that i did to you. Because after all… i still came out a better person than i was before i met you. I wont lie that i still got love for you… but i have my reasons to act as if you don’t exist to me. Thank you for everything… literally everything. Its too much to type but i mean all the love & hateful things you did. I still think you’re awesome… and I forgive you for what you never apologized for. Because forgiving you anyways is what set my spirit free from a dark place that i was in for a year plus. And that will forever be a blessing… a blessing in disguise. God works in mysterious ways.
-That guy Ruben you met at Jacks


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