Sam, I love you no matter what

Sam, I love you no matter what

Sam, I love you no matter what


Dear Sam,

It’s been around 8 months since we last talked. There has not been a single night that I don’t miss you. Every time i drive home from work, i cry and remember you. You are always on my mind every second of the day. I used to be mad at you for hurting my feelings so bad but I only have love and forgiveness left for you in my heart =). I mean like I have already accepted that we may just not be meant to be together but im glad we crossed paths because at some point in my life, you made me happy. You are handsome charming kind well at least to me… i like your taste in music. You are really cool. I love everything about you. I just love you. Sam, I just love you. I want to kiss you pationately right now and just make love to you. For some reason that crazy thought just went to my mind at this moment lol. I love your voice i think thats my favorite part about you. Your voice. I like it when you talk random things. I really like it when you sing. Im serious i really do Sam i just really adore you. I wish you could see how I see you and you could feel what I feel for you cause you are amazing. I just really want to grow old with you and live a prosperous happy meaningful life with you. I know you are now in the past and already gone. There is nothing I can do to take you back. I hope you find somebody who makes you feel things that no other person could ever make you feel. I am sorry for pressuring you i am sorry for making you feel like you’re a terrible person YOU ARE NOT if i could get one more wish in this world its that i want to hold you just hold you i love you so much. I will now release myself from you. I will allow myself to fall in love again. I will now let you go. I have to find mr Right now =) go find your Mrs Right. I love you Sam always and forever



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