Answer me!

Answer me!

Answer me!


Hi S.O

Can you believe it’s been a total of 35 days of us not talking. We went from two years almost every day talking even when we weren’t it was a simple ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ that still made me so happy. From the moment I am awake, before even opening my eyes, the pain is still there. My heart throbbing with pain. It’s there constantly. I miss you. They say time heals everything but it really doesn’t, in the beginning I thought this is easy but it’s been getting harder and harder. I know we both need time alone because I don’t feel mature enough to be in a relationship. But what about you? I understand I broke your heart, but I have one too. Why was it when we broke up you met HER, did you want her all long? Did you have a nice time with her? Did you kiss her or did she kiss you? Why even share it on social media yet if I did that I would be considered a hoe? What I did I know doesn’t demonstrate the respect I have for you BUT I respected you in the sense that I knew posting certain things would upset you. Why say those things about me to my own SISTER, I was going to really give you another chance but those words hurt me. You’ve destroyed me while I was in a relationship with you and now you have destroyed me out of a relationship with you. You don’t know what I’ve been getting up to which is NOTHING! I’ve been working and studying LIKE I ALWAYS DO. I don’t have time to be jumping in different people’s beds THATS NOT ME! You clearly have a different perspective of who I am as a person now. It’s sad because I still love you regardless and I’ll continue to love you unconditionally no matter how much it hurts inside. You are a very special person I know I’ve lost out on a pure gem, I’ll never find anyone like you but all I want is the real you. Maybe one day our fires inside of us will calm and that’ll allow us to possibly even remain friends, but now we’re just two strangers with a past. I hope you’re looking after yourself well, I don’t want you to bring yourself down because of your looks because you are perfect in my eyes. It’s sad I never got to see your cute little niece grow up. All I want is answers, when I’m ready I’ll ask but one thing i really want to know is…. do you miss me?


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