You destroyed me

You destroyed me

You destroyed me

Dear Travis,

You destroyed me. One day, you said you loved me more than anything. Not even 24 hours after that, you told me you were leaving, and were unhappy. Now, not even a month later, you’re talking to the girl who you cheated on me with so long ago. I wasted almost two years on you. I can only say that you sir, are a definite assbite. I wish you well, and will stay in contact with time. However, I need to learn to love myself and find someone to treat me better. At the same time, I hope she breaks your heart and then, maybe then, you’ll learn why I was so upset.


  1. Kristine 1 year ago

    Was his last name Gemoets? Lol Travis’s suck

  2. Kristine 1 year ago

    Or shall I say did his name end with a G

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