Love isn’t fair

Love isn’t fair

Love isn’t fair

Dear Destiny, 

It’s been seven months and I still wake up in the middle of the night from dreams of you. I am helpless to stop it. I saw you are engaged. I’m happy for you. I don’t think you think about me but…i always did have a low self image. I hope he loves you like you need to be loved. I hope he treats you well. I’ve blocked you on social media because I can’t stand the thought of breaking down to you again. I won’t go back. Only forward, now. 

I’ll never love someone the way I loved you. No one will be beautiful the way you were beautiful. No one will break my heart the way you did. 
The last thing you said to me was that you missed me. And that you were leaving him, and you wanted to see me. Three weeks later I still hadn’t heard from you. 
I think you were just trying to make him jealous…and I decided that I wasn’t going to hurt like that again. I can’t go back. 
You’d never take the time or put up the effort to chase me down, so why should I expect you to?

I’m trying to move on. I tell myself that after the next 12 girls if you are still special to me then I might look you up. Some part of me died, back then. I’m glad its dead. It won’t hurt me like that ever again. 

Good luck with your life. They say it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. I don’t think Shakespeare meant this. 

Goodbye, my dear. 



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