Dear Luciano,
I don’t regret dating you and i don’t think of you as a mistake. Yeah the new me says all these things about you but the old me is gone. You know the sweet girl who loved pandas she doesn’t love pandas anymore because she’s gone. You made her into someone who doesn’t give a shit about you or your stupid notes and gifts. The girl who is now me broke all the gifts just like you broke her heart. I want to erase the you I thought you were from me and my memories. Our song, i stopped listening to it. I don’t think of you when I listen to “Say You Wont Let Go” either. 

Now here’s the other part of me of me who regrets cutting you off. Maybe i did think we should’ve been friends but i know how it feels when our boyfriend is friends with their ex. I know how much worries it gave me. I got karma and its a pain in the ass. I cut you off because i was still mad at how badly you left me heart broken. I was also still in love with you but still filled with anger. I knew you were toxic too you were also so manipulative too. A small part of me feels bad for leaving you because even after that you needed a friend like me, but you need to realize that you needed me. I see you doing fine right now though. 

I wish i could’ve communicated better with you but if i did we probably wouldn’t have lasted as long as we did. 

I’m sorry for reaching out to you. I’m sorry for tearing up your notes and gifts. I’m sorry i left you this time. I’m sorry for telling you i hated you. I’m sorry for anything i’ve done to hurt you. Most of all i’m sorry that i don’t even mean any of the i’m sorrys i said. 

I wish you well on finding the special someone in the future. 

Happy 1 year break-up anniversary 🙂 – The girl who wishes you the best even though you’re the worst person on earth<333


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