LTME-postTo the man I love.

When the first time I met you, I experienced a “slo-mo “, my world turned up side down and your beautiful eyes were all I can see. That time I was in a relationship with someone else but it is you who can make my heart beat faster. I honestly was waiting to hear from you and didn’t get any more excited when you added me on Facebook. We started talking and it’s crazy how much we have in common. Having the same childhood favourites and likes made both of us laughed and surprised. I realized I really like you but I had to distance myself. Time passed, I don’t see you anymore, you stopped messaging me and things started to go wrong with me and the guy I was dating that time. I was in a mess not until time brought you back to me. I want to say sorry when I stole a kiss from you but I don’t think you’ll know I like you if I didn’t do it.

You made my life the happiest and with you I feel so secure and loved. I can say everything went right and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Thank you my love for taking care of me, bringing joy not only to me and also to my family. Tragic happened when you decided to break up with me. You said some things were complicated between us and you didn’t know how much you broke my heart. I felt like I was dying, my life stopped but I never stopped believing you’ll come back. It was so hard for me but I tried to be strong. Until time decided to keep us together again “as friends”. You became my best friend, gym buddy and good companion. Love never left and so I was more in love with you. You’re making me feel that you’re in love with me and I was waiting for you to ask me again to become your girlfriend. I waited patiently and hoping and praying that you will finally realize where to put me in your life.

Sorry, I started to have doubts. The thing is I assumed and expected so much from you but you never did. I just want to feel that I’m special for you and I wanted a commitment because I want to show you my love and you are the only one whom I want to love. I was thinking that if there’s us then we start making our love grow together through all the challenges we’ll be facing. I’m sorry I guess it was just me who wanted those. I guess you already stopped loving me and I’m not longer the person who makes you happy. I’m sorry we had to end our friendship. I cannot pretend to be okay when you’re talking to other girls. I cannot pretend to be okay when I am in love with you but you cannot see me and my efforts. I want these to stop because I cannot force you to love me and fight for me. I cannot control you. I want to remember you as the guy who loved me so much not with the heartaches. I don’t want to be mad at you and be reminded of hatred. In any case, thank you for all the memories we’ve shared. You’ll always be in my heart Emmanuel and my love for you will always stay. I wish you happiness and good luck with everything. If this is really the end, I want to tell you that I’m going to miss you. I’m going to miss your smile, our movie dates, food dates, the way we laugh together, our trips, us dreaming, I’ll miss it when you sing and trying to catch high notes, I’ll miss your kiss and your hug, the smell of your hair, I’ll miss cooking for you and watching you eat and admiring my food. I’ll miss our long drives, I’ll miss everything about you. I’ll miss you. I have to stay strong now and accept that this is over, let’s heal our wounds and start making dreams for ourselves. Time brought us back few times before, and if time will bring you back to me again, I’ll never let you go my love


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