I told you I’d love you forever

I told you I’d love you forever

I told you I’d love you forever

LTME postIt’s February, and the snow is falling.. As I watch it fall, a memory comes over me. It’s so strong I begin to cry, and the feelings from a memory begin to make me question how strongly I’d felt for you. In that I’d got myself thinking, thinking about how much I hate everything around me..

I question if it all just feels less exciting because you’re not around, and I’m just not used to the idea of you being gone. I question if I’m still not over you, and whether or not I’m just crazy.

With all the questions I’d asked myself, I could never come to a logical answer, which pushes me into slight depression, an anxiety of not knowing how to feel and to resolve why I’d even remembered how much I felt for you ; how warm I felt when you looked at me when you thought I wasn’t, or when you told me I was beautiful in the middle of my anger. When you cared for me and my heart more than any one ever could…

Everything sunk in. Like a dagger right through my heart, and a brick on my lungs, I’d become breathless, and in that moment everything snapped back to reality and I found myself covered in the cold snow, it felt as cold as I’d left your heart. Withered and broken, searching for shelter I went back inside. As I glimpse back out the window I catch a sparkle in the snow, as it shined under the street lamps,that same sparkle I saw in your eyes that summer morning I told you I’d love you forever..and I meant it.


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