I hate you

I hate you

I hate you

We broke up 2 months ago. right before summer ended. i was the one to break up because i couldn’t justify keeping u back when i felt like my feelings weren’t good enough. I see now what an idiot i was to ever say i love u.

I was so right when i said that i felt more like a stuffed animal rather than a girlfriend. i was just a nice person for u to use as a power outlet when u needed a hug and someone to talk to. i was never something special. just stupid enough to think so.

So when another girl fell into your arms i wasn’t surprised when u asked her to be your girlfriend, only a month after we broke up. i cant believe u. u never loved me.

It’s a sweet lie u told me. u didn’t cry i’m MY MOTHERS ARMS, because u cared about me and didn’t like the thought of losing me. u just missed your fucking toy. i was so blind to ever care for u. i hope u know ur doing the same thing. u didn’t even talk for a week. u only think with your dick.

I hate myself for spending 1.5 years with u and i couldn’t be happier that its over u idiotic peace of shit. u make me sick to my stomach. please don’t talk to me. don’t text me. and never say my name ever again. you’re not worthy. this is bye. i have never been anything but good to u. and even u cant say anything else. please with all respect – go fuck yourself


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