Right where you left me

Right where you left me

Right where you left me


I know we broke up two and half years ago but I’m just starting to experience the heartbreak. I can’t believe that I fell even harder when it ended. We spoke about what we would do if we ever broke up, but I didn’t think much of it. Now we are both sticking to our promise of not contacting each other. But I wish you would text me just once, just anything, hesitate, text how much you miss me, how much you miss us. It feels like I’m still stuck in the same place over and over again waiting for you. I hope I’d bump into you all over the country but I won’t. I just won’t. I wanted to tell you I have a car, moved houses, in my third year of university, have a new job. But you won’t ever know. I always wish you the best and hope you have moved on and I hope I move on too. 

Feels nice to let all the things I would’ve said to you out.

Take care. 



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