I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

Well I never would’ve thought i’d miss you this much, I miss your voice, your hugs, your eyes, your everything , I miss the ideas of you I created in my minds, wish with all of my heart that everything that you’ve done turns out to be a nightmare and that you actually loved me and cared about me, that you never cheated.

I desperately want to hug you as tight as I can and never let go of you until i can’t, until my last breath, its so hard that I should hate you by now but I don’t, I love you and I miss you so much , but maybe I need hello lots of time to accept that life is not fair and that I’m gonna miss you forever, I can’t believe I’m never gonna hear “I love you” again from you.

I miss you so much senior, you mean galaxies and milky ways to me, I miss you so much , so much , so much, I’m hurting so bad , I feel like my soul is broken.


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