They say time will heal you, but here I am. I’m haunted by you. I’m haunted by you hurting me so badly. But on the bright side I don’t dream about you anymore. 
I’m glad you left me… I’m glad you gave me the freedom I needed to find myself. I’m glad I’m not stuck in a loveless relationship with you. I’m glad you let me go so that I could find a better man. I found him and he’s wonderful. 

I see you found someone else as well. I can’t say I wish you well , because  I’d be lying. 
I hope you fall madly in love with her. I hope she is everything you ever wanted and more. And I hope she hurts you. I hope she rips your heart to shreds like you did mine. 
I hope she haunts you every day and night and I hope you sit in the shower and you cry. That’s only what you deserve. 

You kept me in a relationship that you knew you didn’t want anymore. You let me believe you still loved me while you were out with other girls. 
Karma will come find you. Karma will take care of you and so will the good lord….. 

I try to let go of the hatred in my heart and I try to forgive, and somedays I can…. somedays I can forgive you and others I can’t. I can’t because I didn’t deserve what happened to me. I didn’t deserve it. And you know that. You know you messed up. And I hope somewhere inside you , you wish you could apologize for the wrong you did. 
Maybe in some other life I will run into you and maybe then I will be ok..  
I hope you think of me when you look at her. I hope you see my face.


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