I wish that you knew

I wish that you knew

I wish that you knew

I wish that you knew how I feel about you, first I loved you and then I hated you but now you are truly nothing to me but a series of mistakes and regrets but it’s okay because I’ve learned how to grow from everything you put me through and I realized that I don’t hate you anymore because you’re nothing to me. I’d have to feel something for you to hate you and I feel nothing for you not a drop of love or hate or anger because I am truly and fully done and it feels absolutely amazing.

Every day I can feel myself growing into my life that you don’t deserve to be apart of and sometimes I feel a little angry because I just wonder how you spin the story and lie about me but I always realize that I truly don’t care anymore you can say anything about me to anybody you want and doesn’t matter to me because you no longer have access to my heart and my mind anymore and I don’t care what you think or what you say or what you do.

Like sometimes I think it would be funny if you died but then I think about it and I realize that It doesn’t even matter because you’re dead to me and I’m no longer concerned with you or your wellbeing. I’m not praying for your death but I’m definitely not praying for your health either because honestly you’re a whore and you’re easy and you SHOULD be ashamed of yourself D, you dumped me on my birthday and started fucking the FIRST cute guy that bumped into you and you left me all on my own when my dad died and you left me all alone when my puppy charley died and you left me all alone when my mom got diagnosed with cancer.

You went out of your way to torment me by getting drunk and saying you still love me but then next day when you’re sober you say you want nothing to do with me and you described his 6 pack and big dick knowing that I’m fat with a small dick, all while my dad died and my mom got diagnosed with cancer. You never ONCE took ANYTHING i was going though into consideration it’s ALWAYS been about YOU YOU YOU YOU.

It’s so fucking exhausting that I haven’t talked to you in months and I’m still trying recover from everything you drained and took from me, pieces of my heart and soul I’ll never get back. but I’m done trying to get them back I accept it and am moving past it because it’s NOT my fault. all I ever did was love you, I gave you my MacBook in 2020 when Covid started so you can do online school and spent so much money and honestly I don’t even care anymore. I’m getting bored and annoyed typing this. my girlf is just asleep and I’m bored I wish she would wake up. I adore her she is everything you weren’t and couldn’t be I’m happier. you showed me what a horrible relationship was so I know what to avoid


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