Lulu, is there a way that we can go to have the history between us erased. Maybe then we could remeet and rediscover, you can coz at the start of the whole chatting vibes again, you were talkative, sensible and communicative. The only way we would ever work, was if we had put our past behind us, and rediscovered our relationship as friends. So much has happened in the time apart, we’ve stumbled upon experiences, we met different people, and we had done different things, so thats how we relearn from each other. With that being said, we shouldn’t talk about the past, refer to it, or make foul comments relating to things in our past. It was 9 years ago, and I mean really a lot happened in nine years. I am able to tell my adventures, freely and openly, because no matter what you think and say, I have done wrong and I want to share the things with you tat occupied my time in trying to get over you. So you shouldn’t be judging, sharing things about times we weren’t together is interesting because Im sure those are the things and times we wished it was each other. 
Many out there keeps saying give him another chance, and you guys still love each other you can make it work, and I tell them, I am where he left me, if he wanted to he knows where to find me. 
I have so many unanswered questions, like why did you play those games of interest, and sweet talks and the little things you did. I know for some reason you still have love inside for me, because if you didnt, hiding being with women isn’t what you’ll do. And you’d pull up with no matter who it is and who you with, but you want and you cant and its not about pretending or protecting them. 

You need to be a man, and I know that lulu is inside of you still, let go of the pain and try indifference. you never know when the indifference would be the best step in your life


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