An unexpected heartbreak

An unexpected heartbreak

An unexpected heartbreak

If you thought it was okay that you left me for someone else, especially a week later after you decided we’d take a break from each other, I am and will still never be okay with that. Everything you’ve said or told me about your ‘new life’, I highly doubt that there was never a time I crossed your mind.

To this day, I still question every single thing you’ve said and done. All 5 wives and 1 husband! I started hating you and miraculously saying terrible things for you to hate me too, to at some point, block me on every social media platform.

You’ve really destroyed me physically and mentally. After giving you my all, this is how you pay me in return. What a life! I really hope and wish that I’d never cross paths with you again, not even in the afterlife. You’re the reason I’m back to square one of therapy and getting myself back in the game. I usually don’t believe much in karmas but if it did do something to you in any way, I didn’t do anything. It was all on you.

I dedicate ‘Kill Bill by SZA’ to you.


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