I miss your skin

I miss your skin

I miss your skin

You promised to love me and you promised you’d give me a chance to rebuild our love I
If you’d ever feel it fading.

I was blindsided. I chose to love you everyday even on those days I felt I’d rather not. I chose you. Somewhere along the way you chose to stop fighting for our love, you chose it wasn’t worth it. 

I’d give anything to see you happy but I wished that I’d be a part of your happiness. I love your hugs. I love your skin. I miss your skin so much. I hope you find someone you love as much as I love you. I hope you nurture your relationship and tell her what you’re feeling. Give her a chance before you give up. 

I wish you won’t forget me. I hope you never fall out of love again. I wish you so much happiness. I wish you kindness and that the world treats you with respect. I hope you live long. I hope you buy a new cat and that the cat loves you too. I hope you find a favourite restaurant and that the food there is free. I hope you love yourself as much as I do. I hope you treat yourself kind. You are beautiful, don’t imagine anything less. 

You deserve everything. I just wish I could give you that. 

I miss your skin. I love you forever.


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