One last time

One last time

One last time

Dear F,

I’m writing this online, which I’ve never done before. But I have no choice because you vanished without a word, leaving me all alone and confused.

We were friends for six years – a surprise, given our connections. You were my ex’s best friend and my friend’s ex. I never thought our friendship would start, and I certainly never imagined it ending.

We had good times together, going to museums and singing karaoke.

I hope that someday, when I’m not with anyone else, we’ll meet again. Maybe then you’ll realize you love me and can’t love anyone the same way. Maybe you’ll regret losing me, and it will hurt you. I hope you’ll remember how scared I was when I rode on the back of your bike and how you held my hand to comfort me. I hope my voice echoes in your mind when you’re at a karaoke place. And every time you see a Starbucks, maybe you’ll think of me working there and how happy I was when you came to visit. When you pass by a pet store, I hope you remember how we used to spend time there during my breaks when I worked there. And when you’re with your friends, I hope you realize they liked me a lot, maybe even more than you did.

It’s strange to think we might never see each other again, and the memories we made might fade away. But in my heart, I’ll always want you to understand the emptiness you’ve left behind, and maybe one day, you’ll feel that too.

Wishing for our paths to cross again, maybe. maybe not.


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