How Would You Live Without Your Kids

How Would You Live Without Your Kids

How Would You Live Without Your Kids


I remember when you told me that no matter what we would never keep the kids from each other. I always have wondered if we were to switch places, if I were to empty the bank accounts, take the kids, run off and keep you from seeing them, what your life would be like five years later. I wonder if you would have tried to take your life over and over, if you would have been angry or if you would have just not worried about your own kids and just went and built a nice wonderful life.

Would you have tried over and over to hire lawyers like I did. Would you have broken or just had a nice wonderful life with no issues and just enjoyed your new life without your kids. I always find it amusing now how you got everyone to look at me the way you have. How you managed to get kids to hate their father, but I know after seeing you bash the twins dad that you really care only about yourself and how you look to other people.

I find it hilarious knowing you can hug your sister and she will hang out with you and she will never believe the sexual adventures we had with her husband. I don’t know how you live with yourself. Mario is dead, the twins had their father die and they didn’t even cry after you were done telling them for two years how bad of a man he was. I just wish I could see you exist without your kids, see what situation you’d be in, what type of person you’d be.

I won’t ever pay child support, I won’t ever spend a dime on you or the kids ever again. I won’t because of the games you play using your children to hurt the men that you chose to have kids with. Joey and Jayden no longer have a father, not because I didn’t want to, but because you as always choose to keep the kids from their fathers so that you can play your games. Have you any idea what you would do if you were in my shoes? I know you wouldn’t be alive today. You never have had to suffer really for anything. I wish I never met you. 



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