. Letter To My Ex

I can’t live happy

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I want so much for you to know and for you to read my letters, but you can’t because I don’t where you are. Days have gone by, months and even years, but you won’t get out of my mind and my heart. I have cried so much that is now so normal for me to go sleep with tears in my cheeks because I miss you so much. I hate this feeling of waking up to hope you can come back to me. to tell me I was wrong and you do love me,but nothing happens, you are still out of the picture, At least you could had told me why you were leaving me,why would you told me you were wrong for me even when it was my choice to decide if you were for me. I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that I miss you and I would give anything just to see your smile just for a second even if you didn’t see me I just want so much to see you are happy where ever you are and that my pain can go away just for seeing you be happy and no pretending like I am.

Maybe one day you could stumble upon this letter and know I did love you and even when you didn’t know I still think about you and pray every day to God that you are really happy and I was just a dream.

forever and always <3


From your apparent “First Love”

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You were clearly plotting this all along, I should have seen it coming. The moment you told me that you “needed a break” from the relationship, that’s when I should have noticed.

I knew that you were having troubles from the stress you were getting from you moving away from your parents. I tried to respect that, I tried to be there for you. But you didn’t even want me around. So I said to myself “So be it” and left you alone. I really wouldn’t have minded if you fell in love with someone else during the time I was gone. Because, I already noticed that I couldn’t make you happy.

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It was nothing

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How am I supposed to let go? I keep telling myself it’s a good thing. I dodged a bullet. You were never right for me anyway. Someone who truly loves me wouldn’t want to keep me a secret, wouldn’t arrange to get back with his ex while telling me he wanted to be with me, wouldn’t make excuses for why he’s too busy to see me.

But I always go back to the good times, you know? When you grabbed my hand during the movie. When you told me nothing would ever make you stop loving me. When you used to kiss me when we could steal a moment alone. When you said you wanted to do whatever work you needed to be the man I deserve.

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I wish you luck

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I wish you luck … that’s all i want to say. I wish you happiness and joy.. even if you’re not talking to me. You’re a pretty guy and you have a great personnality… i do still remember our cuddly moments and good one. Yes i did missed you a lot before and i’m jealous… BUT what can i do ? I don’t even know why i loved you. I just know that life is hard sometimes, i really did had feeling for you, your personnality, each time i wake up in the morning my toughs and my dreams are about you. It’s hard to miss someone that you like.. but what is harder is to see her moving on or going out with someone else. I’m tired i wish i can reach out to you and tell you how much you meant to me, how much i was sad loosing you and how i was a fool, my life is hard without you, i do the things i have to do but im not happy. I just miss someone and that person is you. I don’t miss everything about you and the past but i do miss the good things. Im affraid to not miss someone else. You were really cool ……..

Im sad.


I’m tired of being fake

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Now that i see you with another girl, i don’t know what to think anymore. I was always hoping to send you that letter and get on with my life but things were so complicated betwen you and me. You confused me a lot… A LOT. You were not boyfriend material AT ALL. I miss cuddling with you, sleeping in the same bed as you but YOU, YOU are able to do it with other girls. It’s not that easy for me you know, im not a fuckfriend, im a girl that has had feelings for you, you react like a child when you knew about my feelings. At each break up that i had, i hurted a lot, especially when the guy was with someone else. I have trouble to turn the page. I’m affraid to go true the same things with you. I’m affraid to stalk you on facebook… that’s why i end up meeting another guy when i found out that my ” ex’s ” replaced me with someone else. It’s because i find life means… and there’s nothing i can do. You were my sweet love, yea im possessive… i don’t want to see you with another girl if i can’t move on.. i know it’s not right but im jealous. Im jealous… and sad. I know you’re a hot guy. Im hurt now…

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This confusing relation…

April 20th, 2014 § 0 comments § Posted in What I wish I'd told you § Posted by Minou

Hi J

I just wanted to say that I’m really thankful that i met you in the month of august, you took my virginity away the day before my birthday and i had pleasant moments with you. I know that you have change after that, i guess that we both changed. I do had some sort of regrets, like the fact that i wasn’t myself with you. I lied about a lot of things, before i used to tell you how i didn’t want a relationship but with time i start liking you. I wasn’t honest about it and about who i was as a person.

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My once dear Chelsea,

Six years. That is how long we spent on each other, and what is it all worth now? I recall memories, both good and bad, of all the time we spent on each other. It amazes me still today that I haven’t spoken to you in a couple years, considering how not a day goes by you don’t cross my mind.

Then reality hits.

You’re married now, and I have been in a committed relationship for some time too, but you still cross my mind almost every day. I could only imagine the same question goes for you as well.

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Your future

April 20th, 2014 § 0 comments § Posted in I wish you well § Posted by Ansdy

Dear Kelly,

You broke up with 4 days before Christmas.

Since then I have been a mess. Every night I go to bed either half in the bag or on xanax because I can’t bear the thought of shutting my eyes to go to sleep and not being able to fall asleep immediately, fearful that I’ll think about you.

In our 2.5 years together, I showed you the world. I took you everywhere, treated you perfectly, respected you, SUPPORTEd you, loved you with all of my heart.

And then 3 months before you said you were not in love with me I just had an instinctual feeling that you already had a backup plan, someone you thought might be more exciting. Like yoU out on the ocean going from raft to raft, finding the one that might suit you best at that particular moment. Short term view. I I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but a guy’s instinct is a guy’s instinct.

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Not knowing

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Dear Annette,

Looking back, I can honestly say I dont know why be broke up. Can you? I doubt it. We put each other through hell and then some. For no reason, we put each other through the wringer. Today, we are friends of sorts and I truly hope we can make right of what was wrong. We both know that douche wasnt what you wanted or needed. I know its not gonna be easy for either of us, but you know I am willing if you allow yourself to open up. Open up to me like you didnt before. Not even in counseling could you open your heart or mind. Today, even though we are close again, you still are quiet and reserved about lot of crap. That scares the crap out of me and you need to know that.

I think you need to see a therpist to work on your issues. You have a lot of feelings and emotions supressed and that is not good for you or any relationship you enter. Screw the cost involved, if you want to make things work now or 10 years from with someone else, you need to figure how to let go of what you have bottled up inside. You know i will be here for you, by your side when you need me. You need to tell me when you need me, I am not a mind reader. I have loved you for 18 years, and Im not gonna stop now.

To Vuca: I truly loved you

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When we met, I wan’t attracted to you. It wasn’t until our second encounter when your big sense of humor and wit pulled me in. I loved that my friends like you. I began to feel closer and closer. At one point, there was a knot in my stomach–my gut telling me that this is a bad idea. However, I was having so much fun getting to know you, I ignored my instincts.

Over the course of our dating, I saw what my stomach knots were about. How your sense of humor turned into biting “jokes” that were actually insults to me. How your explosive temper resulted in holes in the walls and broken items. That should have been enough for me to see.

However, what I didn’t see was me becoming full on sucked into an abusive relationship. In spite of this stuff I loved you. It was more good then bad. Your temper calmed. We matured together, over a period of five years.

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After 2 years of back and forth it’s finally time for me to grow a backbone

April 20th, 2014 § 0 comments § Posted in I wish you well § Posted by Wesley

Wow, it’s been a story girl filled with everything including border line miracles and in the good times, well they were epic. I think we both know there is lot here. I know when we were both healthy and our relationship was filled with more than just love, we dreamt about a love story that might have gone down as the greatest love stories of all time. I know at times the future was so realistic that even the smells of the grass in our very own front yard, the noises of our kids playing, and the visions of the places we would see together were as real as they ever could be.

I have been hurt by you too many times and I think I knew probably the first time, this was not a relationship that would ever work because relationships can not just live on Love, but it has taken multiple attempts and repeated chances to finally be OK with walking away forever.

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Thank you for leaving

April 20th, 2014 § 0 comments § Posted in It's over, move on § Posted by Better Space

Dear P,

Please just stop all this nonsense. Stop trying to communicate with me, it has been over 12 months, I have nothing to say to you and I want nothing more to do with you. I have moved on, my life now is better than I have ever imagined. Thank you for walking away from me, it is the best thing you did for me.

I have not replied to any of your attempts to communicate because I am just over it not because I am angry. In the first place, when we met, I was in a terrible place. I was depressed, angry and frustrated with my life. You were in no better shape and we both wanted to be looked after but neither of us had anything to give. I never wanted to do a long distance relationship because I knew I didn’t have it in me at the time. I also knew then that you were not the one.

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For a short time I had a fire on a cold night

April 20th, 2014 § 0 comments § Posted in Still heartbroken § Posted by Morrigan

It may be that we met by chance and, at first, didn’t look beyond one night. But, when I was able to see you in the light of day, I would have waited an eternity for you. Just knowing you were there was enough. Neither time, nor distance mattered; because, when I looked at the sky…. I thought you could see it, too.

I know that it was mostly my behavior that turned you away, and I don’t blame you. I was in no condition to be a good partner. I was drunk most nights and needed medical help to get away from that. Speaking as a friend, you were correct to turn me away.

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Too little, too late

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You know i can finally say that I’m happy again? OK sure i think about you a lot but the past year that we have been apart I’ve been feeling miserable but i realized i don’t have to you gave up on us i just kept fighting for us to work but it was all for nothing.

A few months ago i would have said that i miss you but no not anymore i see you in the streets and i just smile your “happy” and I’m glad but hey you can’t give me that look when your walking with her it’s not fair on me or her. We act like we’re strangers and maybe it’s for the best but we can’t erase what we had.

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And here we are

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You loved me more than i loved you. I think that’s what made me want to break up with you because you deserved better, but when i did oh how the tables turned. You swore at me made me feel horrible and rethink my whole relationship with you.

You were amazing and as my first serious boyfriend and you were perfect in every aspect.

But i am hoping after i see you at the end of this week you let me go, i am sorry but we can never be friends again but i hope you are happy one day.