. Letter To My Ex

5 years later

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Dear J,

It’s been 5 years since we broke up, the same length of time we were together. You’re married with a kid on the way, I’m married too. I’m a better partner to my husband than I was to you, and I haven’t made any of the same stupid choices I made back then. I feel lucky to have married a wonderful man. You seem happy, too. But if you told me today that you were going to to get a divorce, that you wanted me to do the same and move to your city and be together, I think I’d do it. I love you. I cry every time after we talk on the phone, and I can’t bring myself to delete your pictures from my computer. Maybe I just need another 5 years.


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我甩了你,我告诉你,我不想你了。我说很残忍的话给你。我从来没有听你从来没有给你任何的关注。 ì你很容易就生气,不想和你说话。如果我没有在我的决定让固执的认为晚上那么我们还是会在一起。我希望我告诉你,我爱,而不是你让你离开。我希望你还在这里。我希望你还是我的女朋友。我记得我们所做的一切。我还记得我们相遇的那一天。我记得我有多么想你。我还记得我们的第一个吻。我还记得你第一次告诉我你也爱我。我还记得我们的节日。我不知道为什么我不再在乎你。对不起,我是一个糟糕的男朋友。对不起,我对你很生气。很抱歉,我没有天天给你我的爱。我最了不起的人谁爱我。我太傻了。我是如此的幸运,是你的男朋友。我是如此幸运,花了这些时间与您联系。每一刻,我们在一起永远是我的特别需要。我知道我将不得不最终前进,但我还没准备好。我不知道这需要多长时间。还有更适合我,从我与你的错误中学习。你值得更好的男人不是我。人谁都会永远爱你。人谁不会骗你。我会学得更好。我希望你不介意,如果我还记得你一会儿。

I miss you

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Dear Brianna

Words can’t explain how terrified I’ve been to write you this, but i feel like it can’t hurt, Can it? Well, we’ll see. I just want you to know how i completely feel. The last thing i want is to come across your mind as needy and desperate. ( But thats not the Case ) Is Just My heart speaking

I guess I’ve decided to write this because lately, I miss you so much it hurts. I miss looking forward to talking to you and seeing you everyday. I miss when we would just talk on the phone for hours. When you’d not say a word and tell me you love listening to the sound of my voice. I miss when I would go to look at you, but you were already looking at me first. Some days I miss you so much i go through all the messages you wrote me, and it makes me smile, but then I wake up in the morning  realise you’re not here anymore, and I get sad again. To hear i was your world, always made me feel special. You were not ashamed of me and you would remind me you loved me everyday.

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3 weeks

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Baby, i know what we felt was real  but it’s not possible that i can love you still. Thank you for being my first and giving me the love i thirst. I thank God the man from above for giving me you  and showing me how to love. I don’t care what people will say but i just want you okay. You are the one that i love and yes i am saying goodbye. I can’t get my life back because i know you were my life. I love you, goodbye.


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Darling S,

Although it breaks my heart to write this, I think it’s time to finally call it a day. I know we’ve been breaking up for some time now but we have stayed in touch via text.

I love your texts and hearing from you and seeing your icon ping up makes my heart race and I hate the thought of not hearing from you.  It may or may not have been for the best, but this is a horrible situation and I wanted to hear from you and hope you felt the same.  I love you and wanted to keep trying to be involved with you.

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We never belong together. Two lame people should never be in a relationship. Two people of like mindedness belongs not with each other. Yet we are both different from others and it could’ve keep us together. Both of us are meek, passive and we withdraw from conflict. I hope our hearts will meet together when we both come out of our antisocial shell.

I hope she’s worth it

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So after 3 years all I’m left with is a bunch of unanswered questions and a shit load less money. Why? Because you’re a prick. Basically that’s what it boils down to.

You were most likely lying to me the whole time. About everything. Who you were with, what happened that night, why you said that. I mean did you even love me or was it just some stupid little game for you?

I think in all seriousness that you did love me. I mean you asked me to marry you and have your kids… multiple times. I guess that’s why I don’t understand how all this could happen.

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My undying love

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My Dear,

I am not really good at words. I am not even a vocal person. Just a day from now was our supposed to be 4th anniversary and  it was breaking my heart. I already planned my future together with you. We haven’t talked for more than a year when you broke-up with 2 years ago. I thought I  already moved on from you but you decided to come back, accepted you again in my life. We engaged to a long distance relationship and risked it all. As you have said, I’ve been cold and reserved for 4 years. I haven’t told you how much you mean to me because of my stupid walls.

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Thank you

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Hi. We are over after six years of being together. But I will be fine. People say that every single person comes to our life with a lesson to teach us. You were my teacher of life for six years and thanx to you I’ve learned to not to judge people, to be patient, to be polite,to be caring, to be forgiving, to give the second chance, you told me that life isn’t only black or white. It has hundreds of shades of grey in between. Now it’s time to say goodbye not because I did something wrong or you did something wrong. There’s no one and nothing to blame. We just learned our lessons both of us had to offer to one another. I wish you peace of mind and peace of soul. These things are essential to reach happiness. So most of all I want you to be happy in your life. I wish happiness to myself as well. Just wanted to say thank you one more time and to wave goodbye. With an open heart and bright eyes. No tears. No frowning. No cursing. No anger. Just rising my arm and waving goodbye. Oh and once more: be happy.

Silly us

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There’s just so much on my mind and heart that I just want to tell and say to you. It might not make sense but try to understand. First of all, I love you. you were there for me when nobody else was. You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most of all, you kept my secrets. Love makes us do stupid things; we fought, we yelled, you ran, I cried and left. But we came back months later, the only thing I couldn’t stand about you is that you weren’t honest. You lied to me about everything, and I fell for it. I had an ectopic pregnancy with your child and you’re in Florida with some broad. WE did that. We have our names on each other, we went on TV.. Damn. I know I’ve said this so many times saying “I give up, I’m done, Leave me alone..” but deep down, I still never gave up on you, I’m not done, and don’t leave me.

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What you already know

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Dear Laarnie,

I met someone. She is beautiful, funny, happy, caring and the most genuine person I have ever come across. She is everything I didn’t know I wanted. Her heart is capable doing insane things to mine. She is you Laarnie. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that this girl is gone. She lost something that was very important to her. Now I can’t figure out if she is hiding or lost herself, but she’s not there anymore.

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I’m done with you

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It was tough getting over you but now you’ve made it so easy. I see things/hear things all the time and think oh he would love this but I don’t even have a friendship with you anymore that I could even call and tell you something funny. We have so many great memories together and I thought we were so similar and just went well together. I was so in love with you and I thought you were my everything. I thought that it was such a terrible thing that we broke up the way that we did. I gave everything to you; I loved you with everything I had. I can see now though, that I am so unbelievably lucky to have you out of my life. To think I wasted three years of my life with someone so narcissistic and manipulative with such a heart of stone should make me so angry but it doesn’t. If I hadn’t dated you, I wouldn’t know to lookout for assholes like you and stay away from them. I thought that writing this to you might be a mistake since we were once such good friends but then I remembered that best friends don’t fuck you over like this. I am now so happy to have you out of my life. I am moving on into my future without you and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Hope you had a good summer.

It’s been 3 and a half years, and i still…

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So it’s been over 3 years, but still every time i see you, my heart just melts. I will always have that soft spot for you. Nonetheless, our relationship was a null set. It was not a two-way road. You crushed my heart twice in a space of two years in a way that i cannot get over. I’m over you, but as i said, i’ll always have that soft spot for you. Why did you tell me you loved me if you didn’t? Did you not feel a pinch of hurt when you broke up with me by saying ” i just don’t love you anymore “. You’ve hurt me and severely dented my confidence. Nonetheless, we’re still “friends” but still in my hurt i picture you trampling all over my emotions. Why did you kiss him when you knew we were in a relationship? I’ll never get over how you broke me, but still, till now i have a soft spot for you. You had taught me what’s love and you had taught me that love does not last very long too. Thank you…

Dear, Ex-Boyfriend.

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Dear Ex-Boyfriend(s),

It’s me, the best thing you ever had, checking in to say hello with a little message — you know, because that’s what a person who once cared about another person does.  Simply, I find it impossible to stop caring about someone who I once loved.  I’ll always care, even if I can’t say it directly.  Because we dated, though, and my pen name’s The Modern Lady, I feel as it’s my responsibility to give you this message: don’t be a jerk! If you must, consider this a selfish request.  It’s just that because we once dated, we’re linked for life, and my career/reputation is dependent on the way you behave/treat women.

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Why I stayed

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First I want to start off with why I said YES!

I said yes to you because your smile brighten up my day. In the beginning I was not sure if we would work out but there really wasn’t a straight  answer. We broke up after a month, which was ridiculous.  We both know you have anger problems and blaming me for your out of control behavior was wrong. Now that it’s over I just want to say sorry for my part. I deserve better and so do you. I was that your person you could count on and trust that was always going to be there for you. I want to say I would still be here for you but we can’t stay friends. I wish you the best in all your future ventures. Good luck and goodbye.