I want to hate you and I can’t

I want to hate you and I can’t

I want to hate you and I can’t

LTME postI’m in so much pain, I just want the world to stop turning, for me to disappear from it.

I don’t want to feel this way anymore… how could you treat me like this.

How is it possible for me to be feeling like this when it isn’t even touching you?

You wanted other women and actively sort it out while we were together & I’m not stupid I know that’s why it’s been so much easier for you to move on.

There is not doubt in my mind that there is another girl/guy in the picture.

You’re a fucking selfish horrible person who never even loved me. This hurts so much.

Why would you even have started dating me?? You knew what I wanted and made me believe you wanted it too.

You’re a fucking asshole and I hope that “One Day” someone destroys every fibre of your being.

I hope you fall desperately in love with someone who cheats on you and tears open your mind, heart & soul.

I want to hate you and I can’t… it’s so much worse and makes me hate myself even more.

I’m in physical agony and my friends just want me to move on…don’t they understand feeling this way is killing me…I just want to die.


  1. PrInce Doza 3 years ago

    Sounds a lot lIke me on my worst days. They’ll get fewer and further between in time. For now, I hope you can find some moments of comfort and peace soon.

  2. M 3 years ago

    Anne, I feel the same most of the time too.
    You’re not alone, others know how you feel, if it’s any consolation.
    Look after yourself. X

  3. Kitten 3 years ago

    Oh Anne,
    It’s so destructive when one’s love is betrayed and I feel worthless like this almost everyday. Please keep your chin up, one day someone is going to love the hell out of you and everything will be OK. In fact everything will be more than OK because your post-experience was a lesson, and had you been treated ‘well’ you may never recognise the amazing people that are yet to come into your life x

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