I know you did what you needed to do but it still hurts

I know you did what you needed to do but it still hurts

I know you did what you needed to do but it still hurts

It wasn’t just fucking two weeks. IT WAS FUCKING FOUR YEARS!!!! Yeah in between I had a boyfriend, I loved him a lot and didn’t think about you anymore. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP YOU FROM CAUSING PROBLEMS IN OUR RELATIONSHIP.

I don’t think it was your fault that there were so many problems in my relationship, but I admit, towards the end of my relationship, I had very very very subconscious feelings for you. I kept getting confused about you. WHY. WHY CAN’T I HELP MYSELF WHEN IT COMES TO YOU!!!!!!! Then we got closer and closer and for the first time, you liked me back and you flirted with me and we spent two weeks with each other, 10+ hours a day and whispering sweet little nothings in each other’s ears. You made me feel so special. I started planning you into my future. I was gonna make it work.

Then you broke it off, the day after we kind of sort of made it official. DID IT MEAN NOTHING TO YOU. Yeah you had more important things in your life, me too but WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE IT DID NOT AFFECT YOU AT ALL?!?!?!!?!?!?! I’m so angry at myself, why do I keep letting myself fall for you, and get hurt over and over again???? I love myself and, I will flourish without you. I will make you beg for me back. Although I know, your decision to leave was really rational and correct, still, why? Did you actually like me? Do you still? Or are you gonna go back to your previous crush? I will take my heart back and forget you. I will not give you the power to hurt me anymore. I love myself more than that.

Not yours,


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