The Trifecta

The Trifecta

The Trifecta

LTME postIts only fair to start off by saying that there’s three ex’s back to back. One mistake right after the other. So when I’m not obsessing over one, I’m obsessing over two or all of them at the same time.

You see, I was only in love with one of them. And when I realized how strongly I fekt and he couldn’t bring himself to either accept my feelings or reject them, I think that prompted our downfall. So while he “attempted” to figure of if he felt the same or not, I grew suspicious. We lived in different cities. We still do. I drove out there as a surprise, thinking there was no way he’d refuse to meet. To my surprise, he never answered the phone or replied to any of my text. And mind you, I haven’t heard from him last month. When I told him I’d been there to surprise him, his reply had been along the lines that I should have let him know. I haven’t made any effort to contact him. Goes to say the type of man he is…but I do find myself missing him from time to time because when things were good, we were good. And I loved him. At some point anyway.

The second came at me from no where, after I’d made up my mind to leave the guy mentioned above. And he was everything I’d been looking for in a man. He was caring and loving and funny, and he had the cutest nickname for me. Except he was older that the first and twice as hurt as I’d ever been. There was the lack of trust, his issues, issues with ex, issues with my ex. It was as if the universe had conspired to break us apart. And alas! It did. I was changed to another shift at work until eventually there was…there is nothing but silence between the two. And the worse part was, that all this time I’ve been waiting for an explanation. Just a reason of why he changed his mind so quickly when one say we were doing fine and the next we weren’t.

The last guy…I know him before of the two jokes above. Except we had t connected. So while I’d been talking to the first guy, he’d been trying to get with his current girlfriend. I like the latter if the two because he’s a combination of both men. And he’s sweet and funny…but he has a girlfriend and I refuse to play into that…so I’ve ceased communication with him because I’m positive nothing good will come if it, even if his relationship is falling apart because of her. I don’t want to end whatever he has, because it’s his responsibility. Not mine.

Funny how this reminds me of Christmas Carroll…with the three ghosts of exes past.

Bottom line is…I hate all three of you.


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