To the guy who rocked my world…

To the guy who rocked my world…

To the guy who rocked my world…

LTME-post…then smashed it into a million pieces.

I honestly cannot fully comprehend exactly what happened between you and I. Everything happened so fast it felt as if we were in a romantic movie. Seriously, because thats how you acted. You came into my life unexpectedly and you made me feel things that i have never felt before. We both knew it felt like we have knew each other for years and we both felt the sparks. We loved the same things, we both were crazy driven and we saw having each other in our lives. You filled my head with ideas that I have wanted for so long. A man to share my life with and help each other through good and bad. A man that would push me to my limits and a man that would fight for me. You told me you loved me.

Too bad everything good has to come to an end. You put work in front of me and having a relationship was just too much of hassle and of course bad timing. The stress overwhelmed you and you pushed me away leaving me with a single text with a few words saying goodbye. You left like a coward and you left me to pick up the pieces of my broken heart all by myself. Just when I was finally coming to terms with you being out of my life forever you reappeared only to tell me I deserve someone better.

The thing is I know i deserve someone better but even after you caused me so much pain and mascara stains for a lifetime i still want you in my life, I still know you love you me, and I am still holding on to that last piece of hope that we will somehow work out. I have so much self-worth but for some reason I am so weak for you.


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