LTME-postNext time I’ll keep it superficial.
When hammocks sway in gusts like sails, next time I’ll take a different trail.
A mystery with each exhale, the breath of me won’t lift this vail.
Yes, next time I’ll keep It superficial.
When a palace calls from mountain sides, or a whisper says “let’s take a drive”,
I’ll skip the beach, the parks, the tides. I’ll pick the places I can hide.
Next time I’ll keep it superficial.
When actors see me from the stage, belay the show to watch my play,
The Lord’s chair never heard me pray, love’s the one that I’ll betray.
So next time I’ll keep it superficial.
I’ll lie like the best of them. Never cry again for the rest of them.
Yes, next time only whitty quips, rehearsed hair flips, and brief road trips,
But never will I ever share, the parts of me so scared and bare,
Next time I’ll keep it superficial.


  1. Scott 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed this. It’s hard to know when the other person is in as deep as you are.

    • Misanthrope 2 years ago

      Thanks! It would have helped along the process had he not acted as though he was swimming at the same end of the pool as me. But I’ve gained a lot of clarity on the situation in his silence, and I am doing much better now-happy even. Maybe it’s all the Ben Folds I’ve been using to filling the void (meh, at least its not drugs) 🙂

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