Loved, Broken, fixed, repeat.

Loved, Broken, fixed, repeat.

Loved, Broken, fixed, repeat.

LTME-posthere I am, fooled by another…
You were the girl who pulled me out of a toxic relationship I had for almost 2 years, little did I know you would be one also. If it wasn’t the little giggles, the constant skipping in my heart, the late night calls that lasted till morning, the words that came out of your mouth that I cherished so much.. I might be okay, but I’m not. Once upon a time I thought you were like the movies.. the charming that saves me from evil and falls in love with me, as I dazed off into your eyes, I’m too far deep in your ocean blue eyes…
then you left like nothing happened.
You were my first for a lot, and now I don’t think I could ever love anyone like I loved you. Was I just another experience, and for the next it’s gonna be “she was just puppy love”, is that how it all works? I will never be able to know what was in your mind the day you left, and I don’t think I want to know.
I love you, and you love someone else, and that’s the most devastating thing.

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  1. justin 1 year ago

    to that note when i left i never thought it was going to be like that . just know i never cheated on you . your still my angel ( LIBBY) i hope that one day you can see that i love and still love you . hope our lil angel is ok . hope i see you soon love you babygirl ! justinhenry

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