I’m gonna be alright

I’m gonna be alright

I’m gonna be alright

LTME-postDear Abra,

Today is 18th June 2017, exactly 5 years since the last time we talk. The last time we talked, you wished me luck with my exam, and guess what? I got an A. You, like you always do, are my lucky charm.

It’s been 5 years but I’m still missing you everyday. No matter where I go, I still think about you. Trust me, I have go to lots of place already. I’ve been travel to Melbourne, Omaha, even Tokyo. I’ve been visited places located thousand miles from our small city near pacific ocean. The journey was awesome, but some part of me still wish that I can share it with you.

I know you don’t want to said goodbye and neither do I. But at that moment, we have to. Beside, I don’t want you to suffer those pain any longer. When you gone, I kinda feel relieve, because I know that you’re in the better place now. But at the same time, I feel lost. Because you’re my best friend and knowing that I can’t have you around or I can’t call you when I see something funny is somehow so heartbreaking.

Today is the exact five years since the last time we talked. That day is the last day you told me with such compassion in your eyes that you love me. If I can rewind the time, I will say I love you more often and laugh at your dorky/corny jokes even though it’s not funny. I wish I can do more when you were laying down on hospital bed in rainy days and love you harder that I ever done. Because man, you deserve every love in the world.

I know you’re happy up there. I know you still love me and still be my lucky charm. But for now, I met this amazing guy. He makes me happy too. I never thought it’s possible, but it is. I’m going to let him in this time, and finger crossed, maybe I don’t have to spend this life alone until its time we meet again.

Please don’t worried to much about me from now. I’m still gonna miss you everyday, I’m still gonna miss you even more on this date, but I’m gonna be alright. Go back to your peaceful sleep. I’ll meet you and annoy you back when it’s time.

I love you.



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