To my first love

To my first love

To my first love

LTME-postYou were my first love. We were young…young enough to question if what we felt was actually love.
You never made it easy. I could never depend on you. I knew you the issues you struggled with. And naively believed my love and support could help. In the end, my willingness to always forgive and be there regardless of your behavior, only enabled you more.
Many years have passed. I moved on and so did you. You are with a wonderful woman. You almost let your demons ruin that relationship too. But when push came to shove, you did what was right for you and for her.
Knowing you are happy and fulfilled fills my heart with joy. It doesn’t hurt me to know you found what you needed elsewhere. We weren’t meant to be. I knew that then and now. Despite everything, I have never ceased wanting the best for you…even if what was best did not include me.

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  1. sheila 11 months ago

    so relateable, i teared up…

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