Moving on

Moving on

Moving on

LTME-postHi GreenEyes— In case you don’t know, I’m sorry for hurting you and I forgive you for hurting me. I still think of you sometimes because I miss talking to you. You may not realized, but you were one of the few people that I could open my heart to and let my guard down. It was very easy to talk to you, that is your charm and why I fell for you. It hurt a lot when we couldn’t talk to each other and I wasn’t talk to you like I used to. I feel you think I will never have the same feelings for you as you do for me and that is why you did what you did, but you misunderstood. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so forthcoming about everything, but we promised from the beginning to not lie and be completely honest with each other. You said I would never trust you again and I thought I could never again, but…despite everything…deep down I still trust you. I hope the person you are with now gives you the emotional security and confidence that you didn’t have or loss when you were with me. You gave me gave me tears, you gave me pains. But you also gave me laughter, joy, and warmth. So for that I will never regret meeting you and being with you. I’m not mad at you and myself anymore. I have learnt to forgive us to move on.

If for some miracle reason you are reading this letter, I hope you’re well, don’t be so tough on yourself, and I want you to know I forgive you, I’m sorry for hurting you, and I’m sorry I’m unable to tell you all these feelings (you know why). I wish us happiness. I miss our friendship, but I understand…we both deserve better. You are a lot better than you think. Take care, GE!


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