One day

LTME-postI miss you so much. I miss our conversations. I miss your voice. Your touch. Laying on your chest. Your laugh. It felt so perfect when we were together. I thought I had found my match. I wish we could have lived out our plans. I guess we both needed to figure out what we wanted. We needed to find happiness while alone. I’m sorry I never said I love you back. I’m sorry I always held back. I’m sorry if I made it seem like I didn’t care. I let fear and lack of trust interfere with how I treated you. And that isn’t fair. I hope one day, we’ll find each other again. Until then, or if never, I wish you the very best in everything.


  1. Sian 6 years ago

    Send them a simple message or text, I promise you won’t regret it, I’m pretty sure they miss you too.

  2. Corbin 6 years ago

    Naw she wont. Shes full of shit. Blocks you from everything then writes on here. Fuck that. She cheated cheated.fuck her.

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