Someone better now, thank you…

Someone better now, thank you…

Someone better now, thank you…

Hi Rochelle,

When I first called you and you asked to meet up after finding your number on some website which I won’t name, I should have said no. I shouldn’t have even called the number. I was taken. But most importantly, you told me to dump her for you, that was where I messed up, and should have said no, despite us being in better circumstances to keep up a relationship. We went out for 6 months, and it was fun, you gave me moments to this day I still think of, but what you did in the end, changed me forever. For that I thank you. Looking back now, you needed help, not a lover. Your troubled behaviour, passed on to me as we ended and you turned me into that. I don’t know how much brain you had in you when I told you I’m dumping you because you couldn’t talk to me normally anymore because of your newly adapted addiction to illegal substances.

You set out for revenge by making a false police report about me and taking me to a court which you never showed up to and said your mother did it, because you lied to her about what happened. You tried to call me and I’d hung up on you all the time, so you harassed my family too. You even made up a story about being pregnant then getting beat by some random guys and had a miscarriage. I’d never been in trouble with the law all my life and I was in shock to hear that 3 times in a week I wasn’t home when police knocked on my door while I was out. My father told me this and I had to explain.

My constant truancy from school to see you, was my fault and I was to blame for that, I dropped out of school. My new life is not awesome, but it’s better than who I was, even after I am still trying to rebuild after 8 years because I lost all my confidence and my social skills. I’d always pictured seeing you again, only to thank you, for waking me up. I don’t have any real friends, or a lover. But to my own beliefs, I gained a lot more… Knowledge, I help people now, I get them through rough times with family, relationships and I advocate for people. None of this success would be possible, if it weren’t for the hell you put me through. I hate what you did to me, but it was for my own good.. It’s just a matter of time before I regain my confidence and find love again. I’ve been lucky to think as good as I do, and to stay positive. It’s all because of you.

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  1. MangoHoney 9 years ago

    Pain and shared experiences connect us. Tie our hands

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