You didn’t have to crush me like you did

You didn’t have to crush me like you did

You didn’t have to crush me like you did

Dear Ricky

I just wanted to start this letter with a big F you.

I wish I told you that after you broke it off the night before my exam. I wish I told you that the week before when you stopped talking to me.

You messed me around for six months before anything actually happened and when it finally did you dropped me for some other bitch. It hurt and you were a douche, a complete and utter douche.

I stayed strong and I never let you see my pain. I never gave you that satisfaction. There will always be a question of what could have been but it is all on your hands. You came crawling back but I had already moved on, seven months too late.

You never gave us a chance. You were my first boyfriend and I didn’t want to smother you. You haven’t had a good run with love but that didn’t mean you had to crush me like you did. We could have been different had you given it a chance.

I wish we could be friends and have it go back to the way it was before. You at least had fun and hung out with us all. Come back and represent your hood RDC style. We all miss you.


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