Good riddance

Good riddance

Good riddance

Dear Ex,

What I wish I told you was how much I didn’t actually want to be with you from the beginning. That because of my lack of self confidence at the time you somehow convinced me to be with you and then proceeded to trample all over my self worth. That you never really actually loved me. That you wanted to control me and that you couldn’t be happy for me and my successes. That you would put me down and demean me when you were feeling bad.

The fact that I’m a beautiful, intelligent and talented person threatened you. How could you be competitive with someone you supposedly loved? NONE OF THIS IS LOVE! I don’t care how badly you make me feel for moving on and creating my own future. I am going to be a strong, amazing woman – the woman I should have always been and was going to be before you came into my life. I am going to meet someone who supports me and is proud of my achievements.

I now am who I was always meant to be, a strong, independent, confident woman with nothing to fear and everything to gain. You shall have no more of me.



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