So content, now that you’re gone

So content, now that you’re gone

So content, now that you’re gone

Dear V,

I should have broken up with you a year ago. But better late than never. Thank God you aren’t a part of my life anymore, dragging me down. I am happy and free.

When you lied to me, I should have ended it then. But I was too scared of being without you. When you lied to me so many times after that, you thought they were minor issues, things I didn’t need to know. But I found out. I stayed with you, hoping you would get your life together. I remained honest with you, until the end. Once I stopped being honest with you, it didn’t matter anymore because we were already finished by then.

I’m happy now, even more so, with someone who is not like you.

Take care.

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  1. VBRAC 8 years ago

    This is so weird if this is about me. I was just on this website too. It probably isn’t you, and i’m just thinking it is.. But it sounds scarily true. If you’re D, message me so I know and I have closure with this. If you are not, carry on and sorry for commenting on a message that was not directed at me. Thanks, VC

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