WTF Part 5

WTF Part 5

WTF Part 5

It’s been 7 weeks now and I am not feeling one bit better. You have crushed me. You don’t even care, as you are with your new guy and having a blast. A whole new life for you as I can tell he lives near you old hometown where your friends are so you can all hang out and party like you were back in high school.

I miss you like crazy and I know now that you had lied to me about not meeting him until after two weeks you broke up with me. That makes you a liar and cheat. As much as I am so depressed over you I should hate you. I know you waited for me and I appreciate that but you could have said that you were at the end of your rope and not start talking to another guy. If you really loved me you should have fought for me harder than you did. I should see that makes you shallow and have low self esteem. When you said “a few guys flirted with me in a bar and I liked it” tells me all I need to know. So if I did leave my situation and move in with you, how long until you would have cheated on me too? How long before you would be bored. So now all those emotions you had for me you pushed them onto this new guy. Classic rebound situation.

I know they mostly don’t last I hope that happens in this case too. The only way I can heal is to toughen up and see who you really are deep down inside. A weak person with very low self esteem. Too bad I got caught up in your web of low self esteem. I spent years wooing you and doing everything i can to make you happy and complimented you incessantly as I know that it was you craved after being verbally abused after your failed marriage. Don’t I get any credit for being there for you and giving you strength and confidence? Why is so easy to just forget what I did for you and run to another that doesn’t even know you.

I hope someday I can learn to hate you.


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