Why, Adrian, why?

Why, Adrian, why?

Why, Adrian, why?

Dear Adrian,

I guess I should be over you by now, after all it’s been almost two years since we’re no longer together. Still, there are many things left unsaid, I never got to have a real face-to-face talk with you after our breakup. All I want from you now, is answers.

I will never understand why did you cheated on me with a prostitute, and how did you managed to keep the secret for so long. I will never understand why, when we accidentally bumped into each other after one year of no contact, you told me you loved me. Then managed to convince me to have sex with you, only to dump me again the next morning. I will never understand why you said all those mean things to me when I tried to call you again.

I hope that you somehow find this, read it, and know it was written for you.

All my love,

Your Munch.

PS: that girl you were dating, Gina, I’m sorry that she suddenly broke up with you. She stopped liking you after she found out about your whore-record. More likely after I told her about it.

PPS: all the orgasms were fake, you have actually a really small dick.

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