dear QS

you lied to me. you went out with some other guy, claiming it it was your cousin.
you texted me earlier, saying you love me, and you miss me. and today i found out you went out with someone else. you don’t have to lie to me, you could have told me nicely.
we had wonderful time together, we had nice place to date, we had so much memories, memories that i can’t get it out of my mind.
i’m wishing the best for you and for RR. I wish someday you will come back to me, and we can start new. you still have this spot in my heart. I admit it was my fault that this has to happen. i guess, you’re now happy this way. just be happy, i’m happy when you’re happy.
happy anniversary in case you forget.
lots of love, FJ

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  1. Meryem 6 years ago

    Leave happily and move on.

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