Why I hate you

Why I hate you

Why I hate you

To Jessy,

I’m not mad at you because you have a new girlfriend, let’s clear this up. I always knew you would meet someone new. I was always waiting for it and like I said before, I knew that one in particular wasn’t going anywhere…remember, I read your text to her and they reminded me of the way we used to text and talk. I am mad at you because of how you just left me.

I told you it felt like a break-up all over again when you left and said you were going to give it a try with her. You quickly pointed out that we weren’t together. I almost laughed and cried at how quickly you forgot that not even a year ago you were the one saying that when we were together it was just going to be me and you, no one else. You wouldn’t let me go and get over you on my own and now you just want to walk away casually like nothing? Everyone told you to leave me alone and let my heart heal but you wanted what you wanted and when some other piece of ass came along you suddenly didn’t want me anymore. And you just left. Just like that. No good bye, no “thanks for putting up with my shit that messed up your shit”; I didn’t even get your full attention when you were with me last. You just paid me lip-service. HELL, you even said to me that seeing me the last time was just an obligation! You played with my heart, dropped it, and then just left the pieces for me to pick up alone.

I hate you for that. I hate that all your friends, my friends, and even my mom told you to let me go and let me be but you refused until that little bitch came along. You strung me along and somehow still had the nerve to walk away acting like a good guy. You were are that bad guy that every nice girl falls for, and you refuse to admit it. That is way I am mad at you. That is why I can’t and won’t talk to you. But I still want to hear you say sorry and fucking mean it! Because you know I wouldn’t have done that to you. You cared for me even 1/100th of a fraction that you made it seem like you did, you would not have done me like that. You are an ass. I used to want and wish for nothing but happiness for you but now I hope she breaks your heart the way you broke mine. I hope she plays you the way you played me. I hope she keeps popping up in your life after she dumps you, opening you wounds and pouring salt into them the way you did to me. I hope she hurts you so that you can understand how I feel and have felt these last few years.


Your Ex, Who Actually Loved You


  1. Marina 6 years ago

    Omg your case sounds 90% like mine, what ass, really feel for you.

  2. fieldsoflavender 5 years ago

    Sorry for your situation, yeah 60% of mine too. Broken pieces hurt, but more pain now, less pain long-term?

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