I haven’t heard from you and I don’t know how to contact you since your phone is out of service, but I really have to let this out. I don’t know if you would really care but I started talking to someone and at first I thought that I had finally moved on but I still haven’t.

I can’t even bring myself to kiss him without feeling guilty. The thought of being with anyone that isn’t you is so weird to me and it feels wrong. I keep thinking of you and it’s ridiculous, honestly, because our lives are so different now and I feel like I don’t even know who you are anymore but I still think of you all of the time.

Why did you come by my house earlier this summer? And why didn’t you stay? Why did you let me kiss you, why did you tell me that you missed me if you were going to leave and not come back?

I keep trying to distract myself from the thought of you but it doesn’t work and no matter where I am and who I’m with I would always rather be with you. And I want to let you go, I really do, I want to stop thinking about you because it’s exhausting having such strong feelings for someone I rarely see or hear from because it doesn’t make any sense.

And I know it’s best for you to have me out of your life, so I need you to tell me to move on. Tell me that you’ve moved on, or that you don’t think of me. I need to hear it, please, or I’m going to keep being delusional in thinking that we can work things out somehow. Please give me answers.


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