Three years and a broken heart

Three years and a broken heart

Three years and a broken heart

Dear Y,

We dated for 3 years and 6 months. I was the happiest person alive. I thought we were both happy. Turns out I was wrong. I can never look at you the same. I can never think that you are the same person. You crushed me, pushed me down, hurt me and most importantly you broke my heart. I miss how everyday i would wake you up and you would say my love wake me up later im really sleepy and i would always let you sleep more.I miss how i would hug you, i miss your smell. I miss your kisses. Maybe we werent meant to be? thats what he said. Its funny how he said the night before he broke up with me he wants to marry me. Im not mad at you. Im happy i have learnt something from you. Im happy that you taught me not to talk to assholes like you! Dont wish you the best! Oh and by the way you lost the most amazing girl in the world!


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